What drew you to photography?

There were various reasons why I wanted to become a photographer.

The seed was planted when I was 11 years old. It was then that I had my first realization that pictures have power. I was in the 5th grade and we were studying the 50 states of America. There were pictures of various states and stories explaining what that state was like. I saw pictures of Maine and I fell in love with a place I thought I might never see in my life. I went home and told my mother that when I grew up I was going to live in Maine someday. She said “it’s nice to have a dream, always remember your dream, dreams keep us moving toward something.”

So I saved my money and bought my first camera when I was 12 years old and just started taking pictures of anything and everything. Many of our family pictures are ones I took as a kid. They are treasured reminders of my learning process.

While in school I majored in Art which helped to define my ability to think in terms of composition, lighting and the use of natural lines to draw the eye into the picture. Over time my dream did come true and I moved to Maine which to me is a very unique place, one that provides the perfect backdrop for much of my photography.


What camera do you use?

All of my photographs on this site were taken using one of three Nikon cameras. My first camera was a Nikon 70s 35mm film camera. Loved it and still have it. I shoot my black & whites sometimes using the film rather than digital photography.

I used the Nikon D70, the D2x or the D300 for all my photographs on the website and for my art shows.

I’m currently using an Olympus OM-D for my current work. It has a lighter body and some art features that I enjoy using.


What is your style of photography?

For my landscape photography I like to use as much natural light as possible. My mind thinks in pictures so I already have a picture of the end product established in my mind before I hit the shutter button.

Composition, looking for that sweet focal spot and lighting are everything to me. For my photography involving people I like to take a photo-journalistic approach. It’s important to tell my client’s story.


I have been asked what do I think of when I take a photo.

There are several things:

First, what story am I telling?

What is the visual focal point of this shot?

What will viewers naturally have their eye drawn to in this scene?

Is there a competing focal point?

What is in the background and foreground?

Am I close enough?

What is the main source of light?

Do I need a flash?

Is my framing straight?

What about other perspectives?

How would holding the camera in the other format change the picture?

How will the eye travel through the image?

So as you can see it involves more than just point and shoot.


Do you shoot in JPEG, Small RAW or Large RAW?

What metering do you use?

I have my cameras set to take both a JPEG & a large RAW.

As for metering I set my cameras on spot metering.


What processing software programs do you use?

I use Adobe’s Lightroom and Photoshop. I’m looking into using Topaz products plug-ins including Adjust and DeNoise for PS


What is the best time to take photos?

That would be the “sweet hour” of 1-2 hours before sunset. The lighting and reflections are incredible!!!




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