Discussion about black and white photography

Those of you who have met me personally know how much I love black & white photography! Some questions I have been asked are “Do you use film to shoot your black and white photos?” I do still have and sometimes use my first camera which is a Nikon N75 to shoot with film, but I now have gone to digital shooting RAW files. My black and whites on my website were shot in full color and then converted to black and whites and the detail is not only dramatic but amazing! One of my favorite photographers is Vivian Maier. She loved street photography capturing people and sites around the city she loved. She had a vast collection that was not discovered until after her death. I would have loved to meet her and ask her lots of questions about her techniques. The following is one of her quotes:

“We are not picture takers. We are experience makers.”

I have tried to emulate that thought in my photography experience. I try to sell a story. People enjoy following people who inspire them. I hope my work inspires you!





43rd Old Port Festival 2016–Barbara LeFort fine Art Photography

Yesterday I was happy to be part of the summer kick off with the Old Port Festival.  I am a photographer who specializes in landscape and fine art from scenic coastal Maine. I want to personally thank all of you who stopped by my tent to appreciate my work. Many of you encouraged me with words such as “beautiful” and “Wow” and “I love your work”.  Many of you commented on my black and white photography which included my new work for this season. The black & white of the Portland Headlight was much appreciated by a young couple who happily purchased it. Another favorite was my black & white of the Oliver Hazard Perry aproaching Ram Light during last summer’s Parade of Sails. I would also like you to know that my work is being showcased at the newly opened Meraki Gallery located at 1845 Harpswell Rd Orr’s Island Maine from June through October. I hope you get a chance to stop by for a visit. My next show will be in Boothbay on June 28th for the Artist Alley presentation.